Code of Conduct

Preserving Company Resources

Our assets are a shared responsibility

Whether it’s financial or other data, technology, or physical property, our assets are a valuable aspect of delivering on our promises to our customers. We each have the responsibility to safeguard them against fraud, theft and abuse.

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When spending money or other resources, treat them as they’re your own.

Financial integrity is non-negotiable

Open and honest communication begins with books and records that are accurate, complete and timely. Regardless of title or function, every Convercent teammate is accountable for producing honest, factual records. See our travel and expense policy and purchasing policy.

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Whether it’s expense statements, timesheets or business reports, there’s no room for exaggeration or dishonesty.


A: Company money, company product, employees’ time at work and word product, computer systems and software, telephones, wireless communication devices, copiers, proprietary information, trademarks and copyrights.