We approach obstacles as opportunities and employ curiosity to push the boundaries of our ideas and inventions. But with this freedom comes responsibility in making the right decision, even under pressure.

Healthy risk taking

We believe that success is not always linear. An essential part of growth is giving each other the freedom to take healthy risks. Mistakes will be made, and when they are, we have a responsibility to identify the mistake and find a solution. We will never compromise our values or the brand and reputation of Convercent by taking a risk that could harm our business or that of our customers.

How this shows up


We believe that competition breeds excellence and is in the best interest of our customers. We compete based on the quality of our technology and services, innovation, and price, and we don’t discuss competitively sensitive topics with our competitors. When you find yourself in a similar situation, the best course of action is to immediately end the conversation and seek help by contacting Legal or Ethics & Compliance.

Conflicts of interest

Situations may arise in which a teammate’s personal interests may overlap or compete with Convercent’s interests. A conflict, or the perception of a conflict, comes in many forms: personal relationships, outside business interests, outside activities, and gifts, travel and entertainment. See our conflict of interest policy.

We approach business relationships with fellow teammates, customers, suppliers, contractors and consultants on the basis of fairness and objectivity. And while decisions should be made in the best interest of Convercent, sometimes it’s difficult to maintain objectivity when determining if a situation is a conflict. As soon as you find yourself in any of the following situations, follow the Conflict of Interest Disclosure process so that we can work together to put the right guardrails in place:

Personal Relationships

Personal relationships

Personal relationships:

  • An outside personal relationship with someone currently doing or seeking to do business with Convercent or a direct competitor
  • An immediate relative or teammates in a romantic relationship

Outside Business Interests

Outside business interests

Outside business interests:

  • Outside employment
  • Developing new products, inventions or writings for personal benefit that relate to your role at Convercent
  • Ownership or investment in a company that has a connection to Convercent

Outside Activities

Outside activities

Outside activities:

  • For-profit boards
  • Trade or government associations
  • Non-profit boards or industry boards that conflict with Convercent’s interests

Gifts, Hospitality & Entertainment

Gifts, travel and entertainment

Gifts, travel and entertainment:

  • Receiving a gift from a vendor, supplier or customer
  • Giving a gift to a customer

Gifts and entertainment

Gifts and entertainment are a way to build business relationships. However, business should be won on the basis of merit, and gifts and entertainment should not be used in an attempt to influence the recipient. To avoid the appearance of inappropriately influencing the recipient, we use good judgment, honor both Convercent’s and the recipient’s gift policies, and avoid anything lavish or unusual that would likely embarrass the recipient, Convercent or our teammates. Likewise, we proceed with caution when accepting gifts and entertainment that could influence our objectivity in our business decisions. See Conflict of Interest policy for guidelines on gift giving and receiving, and how to report.

What is a reasonable gift?

What is an inappropriate gift to receive from a third party?

Our words matter

We realize the power of our words—and the power of their omission. We encourage our teammates to participate on social media, but to remember to think before posting, and to follow our social media policy.

How this shows up

Use the force only for good.